ABM4 has witnessed a meteoric rise in recent past and has garnished a brand name as an expeditious growing company that specializes in medical equipment’s especially dental supplies, and that of as the number one manufacturer importer cum distributor in and around the state of Qatar for the same. Our company has turned out to be one of the biggest contributors to the health sector in Qatar and have delivered core technological support to profoundly change the trajectory of health for the human race via blending heart, science, and ingenuity.

In a radically changing environment, our creative R&D team strives towards creating a concoction of science and technology and present-day greater visions of people combined with our own expertise in various medical departments like surgery, orthopedics, vision, dental, etc...


WE CERTIFY CLIENT FULFILLMENT WITH HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS, UNFAILING SERVICE, AND AUTHENTIC TRADE. We stand as a role model in this industry by offering quality care and service to our customers, in the medical fraternity, parallelly leaving no stones unturned in our research of elixir to restore health and extend life.


Our mission is to strive without reserve for paramount reliability and quality in our products. To have set an unsurpassed standard of comparison and to be truly be recognized as the company that holds true to its core value of HONESTY, VERACITY, DEDICATION, INTEGRITY, AND SERVICE.


AMB4 Scientific is a brand-new initiative started, by a team of doctors and other professionals mainly comprising of dental surgeons offering general client services to international principals in South Asia and the Middle East with variant establishments in different fields. Through the efforts and persistence of the staff, ABM4 Scientific has grown to become one of the reputed companies in its field of distributing pharmaceuticals, health care products, herbal & Dietary, and medical cosmetics. We are committed to creating our own culture that embodies the values of Integrity, Trust, Respect, and Diversity and the spirit of teamwork.

Backed by years of regional experience, our company has been reliable in making a valuable market presence for our partner brands and delivering exponential market share growth. As a result, we have had long term partnerships and associations and are regarded as the best distributor of choice for boasting a valuable product portfolio. With an ever-expanding list of partners comprising of some of the world leading companies in the market, it is not only a matter of utmost esteem and pride for us but also speaks volume of the brand name AMB4 scientific has turned into.

ABM4 Scientific was established on mainly two principles:

  • Genuinely offering reliable client service and positive experience
  • Commitment to personal and professional integrity


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